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Enter the world of young savages who want to conquer the tennis world from Alt Erlaa!

Kids - let´s go!

Your entry into the squad wrought - our "generation technology exact"! Here is the perfect tennis technique in the focus. You learn the basic tactics as we accompany you on your way to becoming a young professional. From the start on you're already enrolled in the Tennis Academy's Yoga and Athletics program to set the course for your career right from the start!

Wir kooperieren mit der EMS Mödling und können so Schule und Leistungstennis erfolgreich miteinander verbinden.

Young professionals - on their way to becoming a tennis star!

Here you get your technical fine tuning. At the same time, we work on your individual game system and develop your playful weapons as well as your basic tactical profile. Your tennis training and your professional, physical and mental build-up through your yoga and athletic training will be fine-tuned.

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Tournament support - all around the world!

We accompany you to tournaments wherever you want.
Whether Dornbirn, Bratislava, Budapest, Warsaw, Paris, London, Sicily, Cologne, Stockholm or Mallorca - we have been with our top players everywhere and have many years of experience in coaching. Where do you want to go?

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